SoWrite, Inc.

Writing, Editing
Meeting Report, In Person Or Virtual

SEEM Familiar?

So, you're literally at a loss for words -  for a document or a Website, for example.

Or, you've got the words, but you're just not sure they're right -- clear, appropriate, grammatically correct. 

Or, you’ve got a meeting you need to attend but time and money are in short supply.

 Or, you’ve got a meeting to run how to lead, participate and take notes for the record?

material development and editing


SoWrite, Inc. is your answer for the development and editing of content material, from the most technical to that conveyed in its simplest form. The products we have edited include two editions of the world's leading laboratory biosafety manual, clinical practice theses and journal articles. Original text developed for our clients ranges from simple letters to Website content. With our help, you can be assured that the face you present to the world is at its best.

meeting coverage services    


SoWrite provides reporters skilled beyond words - literally - in multiple disciplines, from government to science to industry. Our reports provide you the historical record necessary to continuity and follow-up, while concurrently allowing you to fully participate in the discussions. We can attend in person or remotely in a Webcast format. Our meeting report, built to suit your needed detail (i.e., extensive, succinct, or in between) will describe the presentations, the discussion that led to the conclusions/recommendations, action items and follow-up steps.